UEI Students on the Journey

Project Coach and Urban Education Initiative Fellow Noa Dubin, ‘19, was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to teach English in Spain. Noa was mentored by Project Coach Director Jo Glading-DiLorenzo while completing special studies with Professor Sam Intrator. In her application for the Fulbright, Noa described how her experience as an Urban Education Initiative January Teaching Fellow My Urban Education Initiative Fellowship “crystallized for me how crucial motivation is for student success” and led to special studies research on student motivation that was chosen for the prestigious Smith in the World Conference her sophomore year. Noa was also accepted to the Columbia University Teacher’s College and will complete her Fulbright and master’s in education consecutively.

Jessica Vivar '19, a long-time Project Coach academic coach and Urban Ed Fellow was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to teach in Columbia. In addition to being an inspirational mentor to youth in our program, Jess has also provided outstanding support for Project Coach and UEI as a student worker in the Jandon UEI office. In her Fulbright application, Jess spoke about the “positive and transformative power of learning English … [to open] people to international exposure, which is of immense value in our increasingly global world.” She said she expects to apply knowledge learned in Professor Sam Intrator’s “Education in the City” class and her experiences in Project Coach to her work in Columbia. See Jess’s inspiring digital video story of her experiences as a student at Smith.

Vivian Nguyen '20 was awarded a prestigious Newman Civic Fellowship. Vivian was mentored by Erin DeCou in a non-profit leadership service learning project she undertook while taking Professor Sam Intrator’s course. She worked on grant writing and program evaluation. Read about Vivian’s award here, including Smith College President McCartney’s nomination letter.

Lily Lee '19 was awarded a $10,000 Davis Projects for Peace Award to lead an initiative to build a library at the Emmanuel Children’s Home orphanage located in Hlegu village in Malaysia. The orphanage consists of 80 orphans, ages ranging from one- to 18-years-old. The grant will establish a library and a reading program that will give rural children the chance to read about other ethnicities and tribes. The children come from Chin, Rakhine, Karen and Bama tribes. Lily has worked in Project Coach as a leadership coach and mentor to our high school students for three years.

Dana Vera '19 was awarded Jandon Center 2019 Outstanding Student Award. The award is given each year to a student who embodies Jandon Center’s guiding mission to engage actively in the community. Dana worked in a number of capacities in Jandon Center programs, as an academic coach to high school students and a data analyst in Project Coach; as a teaching fellow in the Urban Education Initiative; as a STEM Ambassador in the Jandon’s STEM Outreach program. Dana graduated this May and will be teaching math and sciences in a Boston school. Her future students are more fortunate than they know!

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