PC Profile: Coach Priscilla

Priscilla joined the PC coaching team in 2012 as a sophomore. By 2015 she was running the dance program. Priscilla was always an A student. She knew how to get good grades. What she lacked was the self-confidence to pursue her wish to study medicine. In PC she learned how to “be coached,” how to trust others to help her move in the direction of her dreams. Now she's studying at Bay Path University and is on her way to becoming a Physician's Assistant. She credits PC with helping her develop the persistence and motivation she needs to reach her goals.

PC: You were a part of the Project Coach Team from 2012 to 2016. What are you doing now?

Priscilla: I am currently in my third year at Bay Path University studying medical science (pre-Physician's Assistant), working as a Certified Nursing Assistant at East Longmeadow Skilled Nursing Center, and I am a peer tutor at Bay Path.

PC: What’s on your highlight reel from your time with Project Coach?

Priscilla: One of the major highlights of my time with Project Coach would definitely be seeing the growth in my students on the dance team. The persistence and motivation the kids had to learn something was amazing to me and really gave me the motivation to have that same persistence and motivation myself. Nothing beats the performances. After all the hard work, seeing my team be able to show off what they learned made me feel like I actually made a difference.

PC: How did Project Coach impact who you are now, and what you're doing in your life?

Priscilla: Project Coach has impacted the way I study and the respect I have for educators. Project Coach has always been big on taking initiative, time management, and being present. If it weren't for Project Coach, I honestly don't think I would have taken the initiative and gone to college, which is now the biggest part of my life. It was through Project Coach where I learned how to study and manage my time through the tutoring they provided. Without Project Coach I would definitely would not be the person I am today.

PC: Team is a big part of life in Project Coach. Who’s on your team in your current life & work?

Priscilla: Currently I would say my mother and my friends are a huge part of my team when it comes to cheering me on. School can be tough and having people who are going through it with you makes all the difference. Professionally, I would say Dr. Lise Glading-DiLorenzo [a PC “Nudge Squad” Coach] is a huge player. She gives me hope that I can give back to my community and be able to accomplish my career goals.

PC: What big idea, project, or adventure has your attention? What’s your next play?

Priscilla: My next move from here is to graduate from Bay Path University in December 2018, then apply to a Physician's Assistant Graduate Program and hope for the best!

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