PC Profile: Ariann B-R, Head Coach

Ariann is a rising senior at Central High School in Springfield, and a Head Coach at Project Coach. While coaching Brightwood Elementary School 3rd graders last year, she found a love of teaching. Here she shares how PC has shaped who she is today.

PC: What are you doing now that school is out for the summer?

AB-R: Now that school is out I’ve been expanding and improving my coaching skills through working at the Mass Migrant Education Program (MMEP). I’m a teacher’s assistant helping Pre-K.

PC: What is your best memory from Project Coach?

AB-R: My favorite memory was the mentor’s night at the Red Sox game. It was my first game ever and although it was raining and the game got postponed we were still all together and we had such a good time together.

PC: How has PC helped make you who you are today?

AB-R: Well I’ve always been shy and very anxious. Before Project Coach I wasn’t very interested in teamwork or anything that would involve [putting] the spotlight on me. Then we started working on our skills and leadership was the one I wanted to improve the most and I did. I rose from Player Coach to Head Coach on my first year and now I’m more sociable and it’s easier for me to start a conversation and be myself more. It honestly has made me so happy and impacted my life in such a positive way.

PC: Who’s on your team in your current life and work?

AB-R: In my life and team, Yessy and Jazmin have been great mentors, great coaches, and best friends. They both push me to my best and inspire me to never settle for less.

PC: What big idea or project has your attention right now? What’s your next play?

AB-R: Right now as I’m entering my senior year I want to decide whether I want to go straight to college after school or go into the navy. I’ve always liked working with kids especially the little ones like Pre-K to Third. I’m hoping I could become an ESL teacher.

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