Sports & Youth Director

Project Coach seeks a dynamic team player to fill the role of Sports and Youth Director (SYD). The SYD will further our mission of teaching youth to be sport coaches to elementary school children and using the craft of coaching as a vehicle to practice high-impact life skills that lead to success in school, career and community.

The key responsibility for the Sport and Youth Director is to oversee the Project Coach sports program. This includes providing supervision of the fields and gymnasiums and taking a leadership role in the training of our our youth coaches. The SYD is a member of the core Project Coach team, and assists the leadership team in strengthening programs, establishing new partnerships, and sharing our work with a wide audience of educators and coaches.


The SYD will oversee youth programming four afternoons each week, involving ~40 adolescent coaches and ~120 elementary students. The SYD is expected to have knowledge of and experience with coaching, sport pedagogy and evidence-based coaching education models. This is a part-time position (15-20 hours/week) during the academic year (late August - June). Employment is through New North Citizens' Council.

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